Unique Places to Host Your Next BBQ Catering Event

by | May 20, 2015

fire on black charcoal grill

Everyone loves getting BBQ sauce all over their fingers, digging into huge bowls of fresh garden salad and buttering rolls to reckless abandon. With quality BBQ catering in Melbourne, you can do the same, without having to worry about the menu or the timing of the meat. When you’re ready to take your catered BBQ event to the next level, try one of these unique locations on for size.

BBQ Catering in an Old Barn

Rambling farms and tumbled-down barns kind of lend themselves to BBQ catering, because you’re right in there with the dirt, the weeds, the old wood and the fresh outdoor air. Whether you choose fancier Gourmet BBQ catering or more low-key but beloved Aussie BBQ catering, a dirt-floored barn with sunlight leaking through the windows is the perfect backdrop to any catered BBQ event.

Rooftop BBQ Catering

Of course, a rooftop also lends itself very well to BBQ catering. Ideally choose a tall one with a 360-degree view of city and water for shimmering daylight seascapes or starlit surroundings at night. You should also ensure the roof has its own BBQ or is accessible to a rental.

Amusement Park BBQ Catering

Many amusement or theme parks are available for rental during both day and evening. If you’ve got a large crowd to serve, such as your entire corporate staff, you might want to host your next BBQ event there. Keep in mind that catered BBQs do require a kitchen or a preparation area, so when you’re making your corporate catering reservations, check that the amusement park can offer such a place to your catering staff.

A Dock for BBQ Catering

Nothing says “fun in the sun” like BBQ catering on the weathered planks of a dock, so consider one for your next sauce-smacking affair. Just be sure if you’re holding your catered BBQ on a dock that the grilling itself is happening somewhere safely away from flammable materials (such as wood, gasoline or oil), and definitely offer a family-safe place on dry land where parents can corral children.

BBQ Catering on a Boat

And as long as you’re already at the marina, why not just head right out to sea? Or river, depending on your fancy. The gently rocking deck of a boat is perfect for a wide range of catered BBQs, so try it out. Especially when you’re in a remote location such as on a boat, it’s important to accurately determine how much to serve, since there’s no popping on over to the store for ice or an emergency potato salad refill. Keep that in mind, and you’ll have nothing but smooth sailing.

Nailing down an awesome location is half the battle, especially if you have an experienced and flexible BBQ catering service such as Diamond Blue Catering at your side.