Tips for Choosing a Dining Plan at Your Next Event

by | May 30, 2015

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When it comes to catering in Melbourne, your options are endless. From tasty finger food catering to a hearty buffet style spread, you can be rest assured that your next event will delight everyone’s taste buds. You’re probably wondering, though, what types of foods to serve. The theme of your event and the set up that you have will largely influence the foods and beverages to offer your guests. It’s important to keep in mind that the presentation of the food will influence your guests’ satisfaction, so hiring a professional catering service is a wise choice to make.

Providing Your Guests with a Buffet

If you’re considering having a buffet set up, this can bring many advantages to your event. For starters, a good buffet provides your guests with an assortment of food dishes to choose from, which is important when you’re unaware of your guests’ dietary restrictions. On almost any buffet you’ll want to offer at least three different meat choices — beef, chicken, and fish.

The size of the buffet will be determined by your preferences, the size of the room and the goal behind providing food to the guests. If you don’t intend for everyone to eat a full meal from the buffet, you’ll want to leave it as a standing buffet with small tables around so people can come and go from the buffet as the please. If you’re wanting to make sure everyone gets fed, you’ll need to have a more formal sit down area and you’ll want to announce when the buffet is open and that everyone has so much time to eat before the next activity takes place.

Serving Your Guests Salads: A Hybrid-buffet

A great way to start off the dining experience at your event is by having salads served to each guests. This limits the amount of food that the guests will be carrying across the room, which not only decreases foot traffic, but it also makes for an easier clean up afterwards. Plus, this type of hybrid buffet meal can add a formal touch to even the most informal of events.

Sometimes It’s Best to Simply Serve the Guests

For most events, if you are asking the guests to show up in suits, dresses and high heels, you’ll want to serve them their food. Weddings, corporate functions and other formal events can most definitely be accommodated with a buffet, but they usually work better by serving the food, especially if the guest number is going to exceed 100. An average buffet with guests going down both sides at the same time can serve around 100 people within 40 minutes. For every 100 extra guests, another buffet line will be needed. As you can imagine, for events exceeding 200 people, much space will be needed to set up the extra buffet lines.

The Takeaway

Serving a buffet to your guests is a great idea. Contact our professional team at Diamond Blue Catering for an affordable gourmet catering option that will please everyone.