Spit Roast Buffet

by | Nov 8, 2019

The Spit Roast Buffet is one of our more popular menus that we cater for at weddings, private functions, corporate days, Christmas parties and a variety of other lunches and dinners. The buffet consists of 2 different hot meats, 4 salads chosen from our menus, baked potatoes and sour cream, condiments and gravy, bread rolls and butter portions. It also includes plates and cutlery, salad bowls and serving utensils and staff to set up, carve and serve the guests at the buffet and also to pack up on completion. Your guests would come up to the buffet, have their meat carved for them by our chef and then go on to select their own salads etc as they wish, they are more than welcome to come up for seconds after everyone has eaten as well.

The Spit Roast can either be cooked onsite at further cost if you wish for the ambience and delicious smell to entice your guests or otherwise we will cook it at our premises and bring it to your venue ready to go and to be served. The Spit Roast package is priced at $21.50 per guest for under 50 guests and $19.90 per guest for 50 guests or over. If you are wanting the meat cooked onsite it is an extra $270.00 as our staff would need to be there at least 3 hours before the time you want the food to be ready.

Feel free to contact us on 9737 1113 if you wish to discuss this package or you can find our full Spit Roast Buffet menu here.