Should You Include Beverages When Booking Catering Services?

by | May 23, 2015

group of people holding footed glasses

To drink, or not to drink. That is the question.

Water, that is. Maybe some juice. Okay, sometimes when you’re planning a big event you might want to turn the crowd loose on a few barrels or bottles as well.

The fact is, most celebrations involve eating and drinking. Think weddings, birthday parties, bridal or baby showers, and even funerals (which celebrate the passing of life, even if there’s sadness too). When you’re planning for catering services to make sure the meal portion of your event goes just right, don’t forget about drinks! Whether you’re throwing a beach bash, a formal sit-down dinner, or a casual garden affair, people expect to be able to whet their whistles, so don’t forget.

When Should You Include Beverages with Your Catering Service?

It goes without saying that any big event will call for drinks, but the question is when should you include beverages with your catering services. If you are hosting a small BBQ, for instance, you may feel comfortable throwing a few cases of soda into a cooler yourself. For a larger gathering though, it’s often nice just to check it off your list and have the drinks included with the food. For instance, if you are trying to reduce the stress of a baby shower or funeral, it is a good idea to ask your catering company to supply bevvies.

How Many Drinks Should You Plan For?

That usually depends on how long your event is going to last. If you’ll only be palling around having lunch for an hour or two, one drink is usually enough per guest. However, at a laid-back BBQ that lasts all evening or a wedding dinner that will turn into dancing and revelry, you should plan on two drinks per guest. Always ask you’re your catering service about their fees for different drink levels; usually going from one to two drinks is less than double the price, so is a good deal.

What Types of Drinks do Catering Services Offer?

Most catering services supply water, juice and soda for a small additional fee. Many reputable catering companies do not serve alcohol, but will happily supply non-alcoholic beverages and work alongside a beer or wine vendor that you hire separately, which is often a good way to go. When choosing an event caterer, do make sure you don’t hire them simply on the basis of being “able to do it all.” Often this means they don’t specialise in what you really need: beautiful food, well-presented, in a timely fashion.

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