Figuring Out How Much to Serve at Your Next Catered BBQ

by | May 19, 2015

grilled barbecues on black and gray grill

Getting the headcount right can be tough for any event, but especially when you’re going for BBQ catering, it’s important to nail it. BBQ events are based on themes of abundance and bounty; people always want seconds at a BBQ, especially if it’s catered! Whether you’re looking for an upscale gourmet BBQ or want to stick to traditional BBQ catering, here’s the trick to getting headcount right.

Send Out Your Catered BBQ Invites

Making your list and sending out your invitations will give you the possible upward limit of your guest list. For catered BBQ occasions like weddings or funerals, you can be fairly certain that not everyone will attend (those who have trouble travelling or are out of town, for instance, may not make it). For large corporate events, on the other hand, your initial guest list will likely be fairly close to the final turnout, since corporate affairs are usually pretty obligatory.

Request an RSVP Date

Nevertheless, even for an event that requires corporate catering it’s a good idea to ask for an RSVP. That way you can determine who is bringing family or a significant other, and figure out who will need special dispensation (such as vegetarian BBQ catering options). Always give a date by which you expect to hear back about attendance so that you can plan appropriately. Now you should have a final guest list. Throw in an extra 10 or so people just in case someone shows up last minute – BBQ catering leftovers never hurt anyone!

Choose Your Catered BBQ Location

Before you start ordering food and setting out champagne glasses, it’s important to make sure that the location you choose can support the BBQ catering event you have in mind. Check out this list of unique places to host your BBQ catering event for ideas, then double check that you’ll have enough room before making the reservation. Nothing spoils catered BBQs like a lack of seating!

Reserve a BBQ Catering Company

Your catered BBQ isn’t much without the food, right? Head to your catering company’s website and peruse the menu, taking into account your party’s theme and your guests’ tastes. A good catering company will break down costs depending on the number of menu choices you want available to each person – i.e. the number of mains and sides – so decide how much you need (which often depends on how long the BBQ will last) and choose accordingly. Remember: Plan for seconds!

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