Diamond Blue BBQ Catering

by | Oct 22, 2019

With the warmer weather and longer days here a lot of our business is catering for BBQ’s throughout Melbourne. We do BBQ’s for everything from weddings to private in-home parties to corporate and sporting events. From a basic Aussie BBQ style package starting at $17.50 per guest plus GST which includes 2 different meat choices and 3 different salad choices from our menus to our very popular Gourmet BBQ packages which have items such as seafood kebabs, Moroccan chicken skewers, Porterhouse steak and Barramundi fillets.

The food is set up as a buffet with the BBQ choices served on white platters, salads in glass bowls, bread baskets, sauces and condiments, plates and cutlery. Guests would go along the buffet and help themselves to the food they liked and our chefs would continue cooking and topping up the buffet throughout the service.

The BBQ tends to be generally for more casual events but saying that we have catered many weddings with our Gourmet BBQ Buffet when the bride and groom want something little bit different than what everyone else is doing. Corporate events including team building, meetings or company milestones are a great way to thank your staff by ending the event with a BBQ lunch.

Please feel free to contact us at Diamond Blue Catering f you would like a quote on a BBQ event that you have in mind or even if you just have a question or two you would like to ask.

We can be contacted directly on 03 9737 1113 or email us at [email protected]