Best Venues for your Event

by | Feb 6, 2020

You’ve decided on a date, started on the guest list, thought about the time of day and now its time to decide where your function will be held. If your home is suitable then there are positives and negatives to having it in your house eg you are already there and don’t have to travel, will work out cheaper, it can be quite expensive to hire a venue, if hiring a venue most likely you will have to buy there alcohol so can work out more expensive than supplying your own at home. Holding it at home will involve a lot of preparation before and then clean up afterwards plus possible damage if things get a bit crazy!

We have done many functions, weddings, and parties at venues all across Melbourne and can offer great advice on a venue that might suit your needs. From as simple as a church hall that might only be a couple hundred dollars to hire to a lavish town hall or a winery in the Yarra Valley with amazing views and scenery. Just to name a few of the venues that we love to cater at in our area are:

Olinda Yarra – Wedding and function Venue – Yering

Acacia Ridge – Winery and Wedding Venue – Yarra Glen

Log Cabin Ranch – Wedding Venue with accommodation for guests to stay – Monbulk

Swallow fields Vineyard – Wedding Venue – Gembrook

Punt Road Winery – Private or Corporate functions – Coldstream

Box Hill Town Hall – Private or Corporate functions – Box Hill

And when it comes to catering services in Melbourne, our experienced team can provide delectable options to suit your event, ranging from delightful finger foods to full-course meals. We ensure a seamless dining experience for you and your guests. We have catered for numerous locations around Melbourne and would love the opportunity to give you some ideas if you are on the lookout for your special place to hold your event.

Book with us and we’ll assist you in contacting those venues at no extra fee. Contact us at 03 9737 1113 or email us at [email protected].