5 Events That Benefit From Beautiful Breakfast Catering

by | May 22, 2015

round white ceramic plate filled with waffle

Imagine a perfectly catered event. Visualise the venue, the décor, and the fixings. See the drinks and napkins in your head. Now look out the window. If you’re like most people, chances are you imagined a warm evening or a cool night for your catering scenario … but you probably didn’t think of morning.

Why not, though? Many of us have had a lovely catered breakfast, and really enjoyed the steaming hot choices, the array of baked goods and the beautiful fruit gleaming on platters. If you’re looking for breakfast catering Melbourne style, you can’t go wrong with these five perfect opportunities to indulge in breakfast catering.

1. Conferences

Conferences are known to start eye-wateringly early, and what better way to liven things up than with grub? A good corporate conference catering menu will supply hot items such as a mixed grill breakfast, along with bread and fruit. You can supplement with coffee and tea to wake people up, or with juice to give them that sugar kick to get them through the morning.

2. Ladies Brunch

Well, obviously a ladies brunch is a perfect opportunity to indulge in gourmet catering. When you’re there with your gal pals, whether its for a baby shower or a bridal shower or a just-because hangout, nothing says “get together” like a selection of breakfast items and beverages. Planning a ladies brunch later in the day? Why not consider our high tea catering menu option.

3. Charity Benefits

When putting on benefits for those less fortunate than you or for causes you want to bring the world’s attention to, breakfast catering is a perfect way to draw people in and grab their ear. Because it’s early in the day, you’re guaranteed to have guests who are wide-awake and willing to listen. For a little extra class, add pastries and danishes to the menu.

4. Daytime Auction

An auction is the perfect opportunity for catered breakfast, which gives people a chance to fuel up for the bidding ahead. If you want a menu that will transition from the morning hours to lunchtime, you might consider designing your own. Choosing your own options can really expand the repertoire of food available to you from caterers.

5. Graduation

Many graduation ceremonies happen quite early in the day, and if you’re in charge of getting the graduates, teachers or professors, and speakers fuelled up and ready to go, putting on a lovely breakfast spread is the way to go. Set up somewhere near the ceremony site, but not so near that the hungry masses eat all the food before the graduates can get to it!

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